AT MDA Property we are a valued asset to many institutions

Our clients include: Major banks, building societies, finance companies, property developers originators, solicitors, accountants and statutory authorities and more besides. See below a list of our Valuation Services:

• Mortgage

Generally these valuations will be instructed by the lending institution (mortgagee) and the valuer needs to be a panel appointed valuer. The appointed valuer will be required to complete the valuation in accordance with the lending institutions standing more

Valuations for mortgage purposes can also be instructed privately but the instructing party should ensure that the chosen valuer is acceptable to the mortgagee.

• Litigation, including assessments of compensation payable in accordance with the Land Acquisition...

Instructions for these types of valuations will come from either the statutory authorities seeking to acquire the whole or part of a property, or from a solicitor acting for an owner affected by the proposed acquisition, or directly from the owner...  read more

• Stamp Duty

Where property is transferred between related parties the Office of State Revenue requires stamp duty to be assessed on the market value of the asset being transferred... read more

• Capital Gains Tax

Valuation instructions for these types of valuations generally come from Solicitors or Accountants and are required to assist in the assessing of Captain Gains Tax liability... read more

• Family Law

Market value assessments are required for property settlement purposes and often the valuer is required to appear in the Family Law Court... read more

• Land Value Objections (rating and taxing?)

Valuers may be requested to advise on Land Value assessments completed for Council rating and land tax purposes... read more

• Rental assessments

Rental valuations are undertaken to determine the market rental value of a property. Market rental value is defined as:... read more

• Feasibilities, including consideration of development viability

Most mortgage valuations of development sites require the utilisation of the hypothetical development method of valuation as a check to the direct comparison method... read more

• Market Value

• Balance Sheet

There are numerous other reasons for valuation requests and they include market value assessments for balance sheet and super fund reporting... read more

• Probate and Estate Planning

• Goods & Services Tax

• Consultancy advice

• Site Acquisition